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During the warranty period, if any problem, we will make every effort to provide you with satisfactory services. To ensure you receive your full product warranty benefits, please read the following parts carefully:

We certify as below:

Warranty Range:
All products are sold by TRUSUS:
A) Supply various decoration materials;
B) Periodically carry out inspection by email or telephone calls and provide advice and maintenance;
C) Defective parts can be replaced;
D) Lifetime technical advice support will be provided after installation.

Warranty range doesn’t include the following:

The cost of the used material is not covered in the warranty;
Do not replace failures caused by physical damage, improper installation, unauthorized changes to the product, install it with unauthorized product & accessories, and attempt to replace or other natural or manmade disasters.

For any finding, please contact the following numbers: +86-316-5757621

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